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Frequently Asked Questions

Bears in the forest

Why is tree planting a solution for carbon capture?

The most efficient, beautiful and cost effective way to ‘capture carbon’ is by allowing plants to photosynthesize, thereby capturing carbon naturally. This is why we have chosen to promote the planting of trees. Our goal is to fund the planting of millions of trees 🙂

Where are the trees planted and who plants them?

We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects which is a charity committed to planting trees in areas that require re-forestation. You can check out their work  on the link entitled ‘Partners” on this site. Trees are planted in Madagascar, Indonesia, Kenya, Haiti and Central America and supply employment in areas that are desperately in need of jobs.

What happens if something goes wrong when I send my ecard?

We are more than happy to help you out if there are any weird technical issues. Just email us at hello@treecard.net and we will get in touch right away! We love hearing feedback from our customers and we thank you for helping us build a better, greener world.

What happens if I send the card via email and my recipient doesn’t get it?

There are two reasons why your recipient might not have received their email. First, ask them to check their spam folders. Sometimes, the card may end up in spam which is rare, however, sometimes it happens.

Secondly, check to see that you have not made an error on the email address. If this occurs, we can issue a credit to you and you can try again. Thank you for your kindness and support!

when i select ‘IM’, I am asked for the recipients email but I don’t have it. what should i do?

No worries, you can place your email there and you will receive the card via email.  You will get a link via email that you can copy and paste in any ‘chat’ messenger services. If the recipient has a data plan, you can event send the link via ‘text messages.’

can i send my card via text message?

Yes, choose the “IM” option and when the link is sent to you, you can copy and paste it in a text message. Make sure, however, that the recipient has a data plan. Otherwise, they might not be able to receive it. in this case, you can send it via a messaging app like ‘Whats app’ or Facebook messenger.